i-Global Exam 3.1

Online Examination System

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i-Global Exam - The IBPS clone , an online platform for conducting exams , you can use it for your colleage ,university or any other skill development institute.
The i-Global Exam is excellent for universities, colleges, schools, training institutes, organizations and recruitment agencies to conduct online exams. It also supports YouTube videos, and images to create questions for online exams. Built with Laravel, the most powerful PHP framework makes people to customize i-Global Exam system according to their requirements.
It is a examination system with all option that a modern system needs.
It fulfils all the needs of the user for taking the exam


Please follow to installation steps for Localhost
Step1: Extract the Project and Past it in htdocs folder
Step 2:
eg: localhost/exam/install
and follow the screenshots

Installation Process :


Create user account for the first time

After successfully creation of the user, it will be redirected to login screen
After Installing the software, you will be redirected to the login page.
Login to the system with the Owner credentials, then you will be redirected to Owner dashboard
With this module you can control the total site based on the requirement.
These settings are loaded to the site as Lazy Loading to improve the performance of the site i.e., load the settings what it requires instead of loading all settings at a time. We made it to hit the database as less as possible for getting the settings
It supports the settings for the following modules
  • Site Settings
  • Payment Gateway Settings (PayU and Paypal)
  • Email Settings
  • Push Notification Settings (Pusher and One Signal)
  • Certificate Settings
  • SEO Settings
  • Module Management Settings
  • Email Templates
  • Paypal Settings
  • Payu Settings
  • Exam Settings

Site Settings

Contains the settings for the site. Please find the description for each field
Site Title: The title of the site
Site Logo: Logo for the site that will be shown
Site Favicon: Favicon for the website
Site Address, City,  State, Country, Zipcode and Phone: These details will be displayed at contact us part

Payment Gateway Settings

Currently it supports two payment gateways PayU and Paypal

Payu Settings

Paypal Settings


Email Settings

This modules provides 8 mail drivers for sending emails. The supported drivers are: SMTP,  Mail, Sendmail, Mailgun, Mandrill, SES, Sparkpost, Log
Mail Driver: Select any of the mail drivers from the available list
Mail Host: Update your hosting server
Mail Port: Port number
Mail Username: Admin/user email for sending emails
Mail Password: Email Password
Mail Encryption: default set to null

Certificate Settings

With this module you can change the logos and contents of the certificate that need to be generated

Modules Management

This module gives flexibility to enable or disable any of the modules available in this system.
Email Templates
In this module you can edit email templates as per your requirement
We have divided this template into 3 parts
1) Header
2) Content
3) Footer
Here the header and footer are common templates for all the email templates. Change at one place and it will be updated in all other templates.
You can edit the Content part as per your requirement in each template.

Editing email template

In this you can edit the subject,  from email, from name and content of the email as per the requirement
This module helps you to make your site multilingual
Here we provided flexibility for user to change the site language as per the requirement
In this, you can create, edit or delete the languages
At any point of time you can set any one language as the default language.


Create Edit Language

Enter the language name as per your choice
Enter the language code as per the Google language codes provided

Setting default language

Update Strings

With this module, you can control all the users of the site


The difference between Owner and Admin is, Owner can delete any record but admin cannot delete.

List Users


Update Parent


Add User


View User 


Import Users


Update the template


View the report

In this you will be updated with clear messages for the updated and failed records

Access Subjects Module


List Subjects

Add Subject


Steps for upload subjects by excel

1) Download Template
2) Update Template and upload
3) View report


Access Topics Module

List topics

Create topic

Import excel

Update data

View report



Uploading a question

Question Types


Uploading Single Answer Questions 

To upload the single answer question 
  1. Select question type as Single Answer
  2. Extra fields are added to the bottom of the page

Uploading Multi Answer Questions

  1. Select question type as Multi Answer
  2. Extra fields are added to the bottom of the page

Uploading Fill in the blank Questions

  1. Select question type as Fill in the blanks
  2. Extra fields are added to the bottom of the page

Uploading Match the following Questions

  1. Select question type as Match the following
  2. Extra fields are added to the bottom of the page

Uploading Paragraph Questions

  1. Select question type as Paragraph
  2. Extra fields are added to the bottom of the page

Uploading Audio/Video Questions

  1. Select question type as Audio/Video
  2. Extra fields are added to the bottom of the page

Uploading questions by excel

  1. Download the excel template
  2. Fill the template as per the instructions given below
  3. Upload the template file
  4. View the result of successful records and failed records with reason of fail

Details of single answer template


Details of Multi answer template


Details of Fill in the blanks template

Details of report after uploading the template

Note: Maximum of 3000 questions per excel file is suggested


Access Instructions module


List Instructions

Add/Edit Instruction

These are used to group similar type of quizzes under one name


Access quiz category module

Add/Edit quiz category


Access Quiz module


List quizzes

Create/Edit Quiz

Update questions

Note: Maximum of 900 questions per quiz is suggested


Access Exam Series Module

List exam series


Create/Edit exam series


Update quizzes in exam series



Access Coupons Module

Create/Edit coupon code


Enable/Disable Coupons module

For this go to Master settings->Settings->Modules Management


Access LMS Categories


Add/Edit Category



Access LMS Contents

Add Edit Contents

LMS Content Types


Uploading File type of content

This options is used to upload any downloadable materials like text documents

Uploading Video File

In this you can upload mp4 videos.
These will be played at front end for the user

Uploading Audio File

In this you can upload mp3 files

Uploading Video URL type content

In this, you can give direct video URL's
Note: Direct youtube urls will not work. The URL should end with file type like .mp4 etc

Uploading  Audio URL type content

In this, you can give direct audio URL's
Note: Direct youtube urls will not work. The URL should end with file type like .mp3 etc
Uploading URL type content
In this you can give any external resource URL link that will redirect the user to that page

Uploading Iframe type content

In this you can give the Iframe code or the src path 
Suggest to give src path as below for better user interface with predefined height and width


Access LMS Series


List LMS Series


Add/Edit Series



Access Payment Reports Module

Online Payments Dashboard

Offline payments dashboard

Offline pending records

Payment Options Settings

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3:

Enable or disable Offline payment


Export Payment Records



Access Notifications module

Add edit notification



Accessing Feedback module

Feedbacks list

Feedback details


  • This module can be enabled or disabled from admin panel
  • Parent can add his children
  • View the list of Exam categories,  exam series and LMS Series
  • User Preferences option is provided i.e, the parent can set his preferred categories in different modules
  • Option to view the children detailed reports
  • Option to buy exam on behalf of his child
List of screen shots in parent module

Parent Dashboard

Access Children module


Children List

Children Dashboard


Parent Preferences

Buying a package for child


Send Feedback to admin

  • Student is having flexible options  for settings
  • Can take exams with many options
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Detailed time and marks analysis reports
  • Detailed subject wise analysis reports
  • Free and paid LMS module
  • Free and paid Exam series and quiz modules

Student dashboard

Exam form


Analysis Reports


Quiz Attempts analysis


Analysis by exam


Single exam analysis


Exam series


LMS Series


Preference Settings